GLOKERS Project for Youth-led Environmental Sustainability

Glokers for Sustainability

Glokers, with its avant-garde vision, aims to inspire and actively engage young Europeans to become agents of positive change and promoters of sustainable social and economic inclusion initiatives. Through an integrated approach combining the concept of glocalism, the promotion of Fair Trade and awareness-raising campaigns, the aim is to create a generation that is aware of and actively engaged in the fight against climate change and the promotion of ethical and sustainable business practices.

The Goals

Specifically, the Glokers project aims to achieve the following training goals:

  • Promoting transnational peer learning. Indeed, by sharing and replicating good practices and success stories, the capacity of young Europeans to get involved is increased. This contributes to raising awareness of sustainable behaviour and tackling climate change;
  • Contributing to social inclusion. It is crucial to train young Europeans, especially those with fewer opportunities, and to involve them in the development of activities, tools and campaigns. This can be achieved by recognising their skills and developing their sense of belonging through civic participation in the field of sustainable consumption;
  • Experimenting with innovative practices. In this regard, targeted programmes are put in place to train and prepare students, staff and youth workers to effectively assume the role of true agents of change in society. This involves adopting more sustainable food, clothing and consumption practices, as well as promoting a glocal and inclusive approach that takes into account local and global dynamics, while ensuring a positive footprint on the planet and the community.
  • Promoting active citizenship. This is the first thing to keep in mind in order to raise awareness and support the correct transposition of forthcoming EU legislation. This is based on values such as the HREDD, the UTP Directive, the Green Deal, the EU taxonomy, etc.

Youth Education, Inclusion and diversity, Environment and fight against climate change, Green Skills, Human rights, Strategic Partnership


Project School is in charge of the implementation of the guidelines for partners and a toolkit for Participatory Mapping, an activity that involves local communities (youth, producers and consumers in general) with a bottom-up and glocal approach to the critical and responsible consumption.

Furthermore, Project School is responsible for the implementation of the “International School of Change” that will take place in Poland in January 2025. An international training activity that will allow glocal shakers and youth workers to meet each other, and exchange

knowledge and information regarding the project’s activities and outputs. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas on the design and implementation of the glocal actions to be delivered at the local level.


Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Youth education


250.000 euro


24 months 01/12/2023 - 30/11/2025


PFTAO – Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sprawiedliwego Handlu: Trzeci Swiat i My (Poland)



Equação,Cooperativa de Comércio Justo, Crl (Portugal)

Project School (Italy)

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