InfoReady : Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation

The InfoReady initiative is dedicated to equipping adults with the necessary tools to navigate the online landscape with discernment and confidence. Its core objective is to cultivate critical thinking in adults, enabling them to adeptly assess information found on the internet, particularly on social media platforms, and effectively counter disinformation. Through this program, adults will receive comprehensive guidance in conducting online media research and distinguishing fabricated content from legitimate sources of news. The project operates with a three-tier approach:

  • Digital Skills Boost: Equips adults to identify and filter out misinformation effectively.
  • Inclusive Learning: Utilises diverse teaching methods to enhance digital skills and foster a sense of security online.
  • Collaborative Research: Engages a panel of experts to continually refine the project’s effectiveness.

In essence, InfoReady equips adults to be critical online consumers, proficient in recognizing and countering disinformation.


Educazione degli adulti, Abilità e competenze digitali, Alfabetizzazione mediatica e lotta alla disinformazione, Lotta alle fake news


Project School is the implementation partner of the project in Italy and, also, leads the communication and dissemination activities.


Erasmus+ Key Action 2 : Adults’ education


250.000 euro


24 months 01/05/23 → 30/04/25


VUB (Belgio)

Reset (Cipro)

Culturepolis (Grecia)

Forum Educativo (Spagna)

Eurospeak (Irlanda)

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