Social Impact Project Lab for Pro Arbeit

Since 2005, Pro Arbeit has been the municipal job center in the district of Offenbach, Germany, and has been working to ensure social support tools for citizens seeking employment.
In particular, their support concerns people in social emergencies. Pro Arbeit provides them with benefits that ensure their well-being and accompanies them in their integration within the labor market, with the aim of empowering them.

The goal was to create a “Europe” office within the organization, strengthen creative, design, and project management skills; support the submission of three European projects, one of which has been funded by the AMIF program.

social impact, social support, integration, labor market

Project School’s role has been guiding and supporting Pro Arbeit in establishing a “Europe” office within its organization.

Private training/consulting


July 2020 - December 2021

Pro Arbeit

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