Strategic consulting for innovative social project design for Il Pungiglione

For more than 30 years, la Cooperativa sociale Il Pungiglione has been offering the citizens of Monterotondo and the surrounding area new opportunities for inclusion and sharing, fostering the creation of active citizenship that recognizes equal dignity and rights for all people.

The goal of Project School’s work is to foster in the cooperative the dissemination of project design culture and to help it build an independent and effective team with the skills and the experience to be successful in designing and writing social projects, and therefore to increase the impact Il Pungiglione can have in its community.

This journey started by initiating Il Pungiglione into project design and project writing activities through online sessions a then during a dedicated 3-day retreat, Project Camp. After that, a more structured collaboration was established, with strategic consulting and support to the creation of a real, functioning project office.


social impact, active citizenship, disability, inclusion


Project School is helping Il Pungiglione in going from a close-to-nothing knowledge of EU funding programs and social impact project writing to establishing a properly functioning office that works on these matters.


Private training/consulting




January 2022 - June 2023


Cooperativa sociale Il Pungiglione

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