Young Women Leaders

Young Women Leaders targets a number of problem areas defined in the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, envisaging actions aimed to promote civic engagement and foster leadership skills among young women coming from different socio-economic and cultural background. It will do so by offering the opportunity to take ownership in replicating capacity building methodology and up-skill their entrepreneurial, digital and leadership skills and stimulating them to regularly exercise civic engagement. In particular, the main aim of Young Women Leaders is to promote a new vision of women in 4 EU countries (Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden) by building the capacities of up to 60 young women, supporting them in developing pilot and raising-awareness initiatives addressing their peers and citizens, and in designing the first EU Young Women Network. The project will promote the concept of parity in all fields of society and especially in politics, economy and in decision-making, joining together three main aspects: education in the form of capacity building, raising-awareness about leadership and more gender balanced society, and network building and development.


Civic Engagement, Gender Equality, Leadership, Women Empowerment


Project Partner. Project School will coordinate the design and delivery of pilot actions (IO4), offering an unbiased support for creating the actions and supervising partners and young women once these will be put in place at local level.


Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education, 2020 Call


226,859.00 €


24 Months (October 2020-September 2022)


Internationella Kvinnoföreningen (Sweden)

Foundation for Equality (Romania)

Foundation Green Elephant (Poland)

Young Women Network (Italy)

Project School (Italy)

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