Game changers: let’s change the rules of the game

The goal of Game Changers

Game Changers aims to educate children and youth about the importance of their rights and duties as citizens in society. This raises awareness on a wide range of social issues. The goal is pursued by involving them in participatory community-building processes

The initiative aims to gather input on different social issues from children between the ages of 10 and 17 from different geographical areas and ethnic backgrounds. The game of soccer is used as a universal language for sharing knowledge. In addition, it will be the key to initiate virtuous processes of awareness raising and decision making

The Game Changers project was created in collaboration with partner national soccer federations. It has the main objective of rewriting the rules of soccer starting with the youngest. Demonstrating how sport can be the first vehicle of non-formal education aimed at personal improvement and that of its ecosystem.

The future of the game

Game Changers will therefore help define a bright, open, inclusive and sustainable future for the world of soccer. All while letting children draw the new boundaries!


Youth, Participation, Serious Play, Non-formal education, Community activation, Fight against discrimination, Social inclusion


Project School, the Italian partner of the project, will monitor and internally evaluate the results of Game Changers, coordinating activities relating to community engagement and leading the communication and dissemination process. We will also be responsible for organizing large-scale festivals designed to further disseminate the knowledge and skills acquired in the co-design activities of educational packages.


Erasmus+ - Key Action 2 – Cooperation partnerships in sport


€ 400.000


30 months – From 02.01.2023 to 08.31.2025


Romanian Federation (Romania) 

Sweden Federation (Sweden) 

Latva Federation (Latvia) 

Danish Federation (Denmark) 

Futbol Mas (Spain) 

Project School (Italy)

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