Social Impact Manager (SIM)

SIM’s primary goal is to create the Social Impact Manager (SIM) role, which is a hybrid and multifaceted profile aimed at fostering corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community development within companies. The Social Impact Manager will be an emerging profession endowed with the relevant skills to include companies in cooperation schemes with their local communities, thus encouraging resilience at community level.

The project ambition is that European companies can play a greater role in the future in solving the main societal challenges of our times, also thanks to the support of internal staff (the SIMs), trained and fully equipped to nurture alliances in local communities, and design and launch sustainable solutions addressing local challenges.

The general objectives of the project are:

  1. To promote synergies and mechanisms of collaboration between companies and local communities;
  2. To raise awareness on the importance of the Social Impact Manager profile;
  3. To Engage and captive all relevant stakeholders and target groups;
  4. To create new skills and competences to create the new figure of the Social Impact Manager.



CSR, Local Communities, Learning programme, Community Development


Project Partner. Project School will coordinate the first phase of research and assessment of the state of the art, providing the methodology for the research and assisting partners in its implementation. PS will also follow up the conduct of research and training activities in Italy, in collaboration with Manageritalia and the Milano-Bicocca University. Finally, PS will supervise the implementation of pilot actions in Italy.




1.270.366,00 EUR


36 Months (June 2023-May 2025)


University of Peloponnese (Greece) – Project coordinator for the consortium

Manageritalia (Italy)

University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

KMOP Education and Innovation Hub (Greece)

Federation of Industries of Greece (Greece)

Chambre française de l’économie sociale et solidaire (France)

Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)

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