WE CAN – Migrant Entrepreneurs: Creating Alternative Narratives

WE-CAN aims to encourage migrant entrepreneurs by means of social entrepreneurship and community development through tailored social innovation training and mentoring, developed thanks to a cooperation among stakeholders and experts coming from different sectors and countries. In particular, the specific objectives (SOs) are to: share experiences, information and best practices in terms of socio-economic inclusion for migrants.

What does WE CAN do?

WE CAN aims to create community navigators: entrepreneurs that will play key roles within their own communities. This goal will be reached through training programs, activation projects and skills improvement.

The programs to achieve these objectives will include the participation of civil society organizations and adult education firms, both on the local and international level.





The work environment of migrants in Europe is often characterized by poor and unstable conditions. With the breakthrough of COVID-19 and the consequences of the pandemic, migrant communities have been severely affected.

WE CAN is born with the idea of reversing this trend of poverty and precarious work. The project will be implemented in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain. By sharing best practices, information and experiences, The project will establish new channels of communication in order to find new solutions.

Socio-economic inclusion of migrants is our ultimate goal, thanks to the network of skills and entrepreneurs built up through the project.



What WE CAN has achieved


At the end of its initial period, we have achieved the following results:

  • Migrants have followed training programs as social entrepreneurs, enabling them to become role models in their own communities.
  • We have trained migrants as community navigators: people able to make connections between their own community and the host country.
  • A toolbox of information on sustainable entrepreneurship has been developed.
  • Dialogue among European organizations about socio-economic inclusion of migrants has been stimulated and is giving birth to new projects and initiatives.


Project School is a partner of this and many other projects: click here to see what else we have been working on.


Social inclusion, Migrants and refugees, Employment, Interculturality



Erasmus+ KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education, 2021 Call


288.192 €


DURATION 24 Months (November 2021-October 2023)


Solid Road (The Netherlands)

Project School (Italy)

Associazione Sensacional (Italy)

 CHAPTER#2 (Spain)

Pro Arbeit (Germany).

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