The Map of Milan – Open City

This is a social map, a map of Zone 4, the area of Milan where the project Open City takes place. Every pinpoint is a story, a person, a vision of the neighbourhood with its problems and its possibilities. We are building on this to regenerate the area, to bring new energies and opportunities.

Feel free to check out the details of every point of the social map by clicking on them.

The same thing is currently happening in other four districts of European cities, you can have a look at them here.


OPEN CITY organizes training and creative activities aiming to empower unemployed citizens in the shaping of the district they live in.

The participants are our ‘Local Ambassadors’, and through creative and non-formal experiences they help to identify the needs of their neighborhoods, while fostering their civic participation and collaboration.

Thus, they contribute to regenerate neglected areas, and also gain soft skills extremely useful to forge their professional identity.

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