We want to increase the quality of initiatives and projects aimed to have a social impact


We aim to strengthen the creative and design skills of individuals and organizations who want to develop solutions to small and big challenges of their communities.

While individuals are asked to be able to constantly adapt to an ever-changing society, organizations are required to focus their ambitions, skills and actions towards the communities they refer to, elaborating and implementing projects and initiatives with a strong economic and social impact.

If faced with superficiality, or even denied, these challenges generate a loss of confidence that people have towards their own capacities and abilities to have a real, effective and positive impact in their communities.

Using the most innovative design techniques in the social field, we aim to create a generation of professionals capable of designing ambitious and sustainable initiatives, able to solve some of the most difficult challenges of our society: education, work, environment, migration, etc.

Who is our target?


Education Lab
Creative Project Lab

Education Lab - Schools and Stakeholders who work with young people and are interested in offering innovative and practical training for their students and beneficiaries.

Creative Project Lab - Wannabe social designers, eager to strengthen their design skills to increase their employability and grow within their organizations.


Social Impact Project Lab

Public and private, profit and non-profit organizations that want to increase their design skills, both by working on specific funding programs and by directly facing the challenges of organizational change, rethinking processes, roles, and work methods

What we do

Our goal is to increase the quality of initiatives and projects with a social impact by working on everyone’s skills.

From young people in schools to associations, from aspiring designers and social entrepreneurs to public bodies that want to invest their resources in effective projects.


Classroom training, online training, individual and organizational consultancy, workshops and events: all our services can be customized according to the needs of the users.

Our Methodology

Our projects

The co-founders of Project School have supported important national and international companies in project design and written proposal on European calls. Below are the details of the projects funded in 2019.

About us


Co-founder, Strategy & Operations Director

Antonio is struggling to define himself. It never takes less than 10 minutes to answer the question: "What do you…

Della Sala

Co-founder, Creative Director

Luigi is a creator, writer and project manager who aspires to have a real impact on the people and communities…