Working for a world that looks after itself


We dream of a society capable of recognizing and facing its problems.
We believe in the inspiring power of teaching.
We strive to empower people and improve the communities we live in.

A solution for every problem we care about
Together with our partners, we step forward with passion, creativity, open mind and open heart, to generate a true social impact with positive and lasting effects.
We imagine solutions. We make them real.
Our projects are designed and carried out to change the world.

Who we address


For initiatives of great social impact

Project School addresses companies, organisations and institutions willing to change the world by designing initiatives of great social impact for their communities and stakeholders.


To knowingly design and manage a project

Project School addresses those who want to improve specific knowledge related to project design, increasing the chances to get their projects funded, and project management, in order to generate a real social impact.

What we do

  • Professional support on creative project design and writing aimed to achieve social impact
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills related to national and European funding mechanisms
  • Advice on strategic organisational change, through the co-design of processes, workflows and staff roles


Our Approach

Our services

1. Creative Project Writing

For networks willing to improve their members’ performance in designing social impact projects. For those who really want to create a project, from the definition of their why until the creation of a realistic, coherent and effective workplan, aimed at generating a real social impact on people and communities.

2. Social Impact Project Lab

For those organisations committed to increase the quality and the competitiveness of their projects, interested to revise theirs working methods on the participation in EU and national bids, also through the reinforcement of key teams/departments in charge of developing EU project proposals.

3. Boost Your Proposal

Individuals and organisations that want to improve specific knowledge related to project design and management, increasing the chances to get their projects funded.

4. Change 4 Impact

For organisations willing to get out from their bubble, increasing their social responsibility and bulding their legacy for people and communities.

5. Education Lab

For schools and organisations working with youth and interested in offering opportunities of experiential learning (ExL), based on innovative social project design techniques.

Our projects

We imagine, design and concretely develop projects funded by the European Commission.

Here is the detail of the 5 proposals that the European Commission has financed to the consortia led by Project School.

About us


Co-founder, Strategy & Operations Director

Antonio is struggling to define himself. It never takes less than 10 minutes to answer the question: "What do you…

Della Sala

Co-founder, Creative Director

Luigi is a creator, writer and project manager who aspires to have a real impact on the people and communities…


Project Manager

Multilingual and multifaceted, Regina never stands still. She likes to throw herself into projects and journeys aimed at changing situations…


Partnership Manager

Over the years, Matteo has discovered the beauty of connecting with others and has seen that whenever people can truly…

Who we work with

Our values

Empathy. We can see you, we can feel you. Otherwise we would not be here.

Honesty. With ourselves, first of all. And as a consequence, with others.

Imagination. Reality always has limits. Our capacity to imagine how to change it does not.

Courage. If we discover a fear, we dive right into it.

Complexity. Which does not mean complications, nor it implies difficulties. We simply see a complex reality and we act accordingly.

Concreteness. We love to make things happen.

Openness. Without challenging and questioning ourselves, it is hard to truly improve. We try to do that everyday, and doing it together with our partners is even more worthwhile.

Free-thinking. We set our ideas free. A new original solution, although perfectible, has always a different energy compared to a ready-made one.

Diversity and social inclusion. Respect, equality, tolerance: in one word, Europe.