25 buone pratiche di sostenibilità e fair trade

25 Good Practices – Empowering Young People in the field of sustainable consumption and fair trade‘ is the recently published report that collects and describes the 25 good practices of sustainability and fair trade identified within the EU-WISE project.

Each of the 5 partners of the EU-WISE project selected 5 different good practices among the most interesting ones developed in Europe.

These are the ones that we have chosen as Project School:

    A project dedicated to raising awareness on food waste, by organizing a party that combines cooking food otherwise destined for waste with music and socializing.
    The city of Madrid has been investing for years in initiatives that raise awareness and promote the consumption of Fair Trade products. Among the most significant events, in 2018 the 12th International Conference of Fair Trade Cities was held under the slogan “Sustainable consumption for the care of life”, and almost 300 people from 40 different countries participated (with a significant presence of producers from Latin America).
    A conference that featured 1000 young people from across Bristol in April 2015.
    The aim was to engage them by focusing on green issues, educating and inspiring them through debates and workshops, supporting real activation on the ground, and turning ideas into practice.
    The Sustainable Backpack aims to integrate sustainable development education in schools around Norway by influencing the behavior of teachers and students. The program includes teacher development courses to expand skills in sustainable development education and financial support for school projects to promote understanding and awareness among students.
    A project that aims to promote the social inclusion of refugees and migrants through a mobile app.
    Thanks to the distribution of an orientation toolkit, it is possible to access a wide range of services to make integration in the new country easier. Information is distributed in various areas, from health and education to employment and security, laws, rights, and responsibilities.

The report was published by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

For more information: https://fairtrade-advocacy.org/our-work/key-topics/eu-wise-young-citizens-project/

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