Our Projects

InfoReady : Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation

InfoReady equips adults to be critical online consumers, proficient in recognizing and countering disinformation.


Social Impact Manager (SIM)

L’obiettivo principale del progetto SIM è quello di creare il ruolo del Social Impact Manager (SIM), un profilo ibrido e trasversale volto a promuovere la Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa (CSR) e la relazione con il territorio all’interno delle aziende.


Integration League

Integration League engages football clubs, locals and refugees through a comprehensive capacity building programme whose main aim is to promote human rights values of tolerance and inclusiveness towards refugees.


ECHO – Cultural Heritage for Inclusion and Participation

ECHO offers new high-quality learning opportunities and skills development for adults through creativity and arts by
utilising the social and educational value of the European cultural heritage, facilitating intergenerational learning and
encouraging new businesses based on cultural heritage

WE-CAN european project

WE CAN – Migrant Entrepreneurs: Creating Alternative Narratives

WE-CAN aims to encourage migrant entrepreneurs by means of social entrepreneurship and community development through tailored social innovation training and mentoring, developed thanks to a cooperation among stakeholders and experts coming from different sectors and countries.


Road to European Parliament 2019: Empowering a new generation of EU citizens

The project aims to contribute to the growth of a new generation of European young citizens capable of critically assessing strengths and weaknesses of the European Union and to propose innovative solutions for enhancing citizens’ participation in the European democratic life.


EMPATHY – Empowering Migrants Promoting Inclusion via Capacity Building and Communities Engagement

EMPATHY aims to support the prevention of instances and attitudes of racism, xenophobia and intolerance through a full package of orientation, integration and inclusion measures addressing migrants and based on non-formal education methods, leading to empathic attitudes of EU citizens towards diversity in general.


Open City

OPEN CITY organizes training and creative activities aiming to empower unemployed citizens in the shaping of the district they live in.
The participants will be guided via creative and non-formal experiences that will help to identify their needs, while fostering their civic participation and collaboration.


Young Women Leaders

Young Women Leaders targets a number of problem areas defined in the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, envisaging actions aimed to promote civic engagement and foster leadership skills among young women coming from different socio-economic and cultural background.


EU-WISE Young Citizens-Consumers

EU-WISE Young Citizens-Consumers (EWYCC) aims to combine generic youth empowerment activities with sustainable development tools and strategies in order to empower young people as agents of change.

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